Tools of the trade: Essential PIM

I’m planning on posting resource ideas on Wednesdays.  I’ll post info on blogs, books, and other items I find useful or interesting.  Some will be specifically related to the work of ministry, others more general.  Today I’ll mention EssentialPIM a Windows program that keeps track of contacts, todo lists, calendar and notes.  (I don’t currently use this, but before I switched to Linux I kept a copy of EssentialPIM on my USB stick.)

It’s a very simple, lightweight program plus it uses very standard formats: ical, vcard and txt.  These formats makes it a breeze to import and export things.  The notes section can create  outlines, and the pro edition can create hierarchical tasks too.  (You can get a free basic edition or buy a “pro” version for about $40.  The freebie one was fine for my needs.)

The most appealing feature for me is that you don’t have to install it onto a system, you can save it to a USB stick and run it off of that.  I found that very handy when I was on campus using several different machines everyday.  So if you use different computers at home and at work or school this might be a useful program for you.

Here’s a screenshot from their website:

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